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Waterproofing of roofs, terraces and balconies: the device and repair of flat roofs


Types of flat roofs

Flat roofing is a fairly common architectural solution in civil, industrial and private construction. The main principle of flat roofing is that the waterproofing layer should be a continuous carpet with certain technical characteristics. Our specialists tirelessly work in the field of the device of flat roofs and are able to realize any even the most complex and non-standard projects.

  • Traditional;
  • Ventilated;
  • Operable;
  • Inversion;
  • Green.



The device of flat roofing requires high qualification of installers. The further operation of the building does not forgive mistakes made during the construction of the roof. Our specialists carry out professional installation of load-bearing structures, insulation layers and roofing. Also our masters will help you with the installation of terraced floor coverings of wood, stone and composite.


  • Designing of roofing structures;
  • Mounting of bearing structures;
  • Thermal and steam insulation;
  • Installation of roofing;
  • Adjunct device;
  • Mounting of parapet castings;
  • Installation of drainage systems;
  • Installation of fences and snow retention systems;
  • Integration of drainpipes into storm sewage;
  • The device of waterproofing of terraces and balconies;
  • Installation of decking from a thermo and composite board;
  • Finishing terraces with tiles and stone.


Restoration and repair work

We also carry out the restoration and repair of flat roofs. We restore layers of insulation, roofing and drainage systems. We repair and recreate floor coverings of terraces and balconies made of tiles and stone. We eliminate the consequences of poor-quality installation of the roof and accessories. We process floor coverings with special invisible compounds that prevent atmospheric moisture from entering the roof terrace cake. We are engaged in repair and waterproofing roofs and terraces at any time of the year.
Assortment of materials for flat roofing
In our assortment there are practically all types of materials used for the device of flat roofs.


  • Bitumen roll materials;
  • Polymeric membranes – PVC, TPO and EPDM;
  • Bituminous and polymeric mastics.