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Forged Products

Artistic forging

In the hands of our smiths, metal easily takes on the most bizarre shape. Elegant openwork fences, rails, gates with a nominal coat of arms, emphasizing the status of the owner of the house – all this can be done in the workshops of the company Radek. And if you want to surprise your guests with an unusual barbecue or wrought-iron garden furniture, we will help you with original ideas and impeccable execution.


  • Sketch and working design;
  • Manufacturing of metal elements;
  • Painting of the elements of the product;
  • Assembly and installation of the product.


Types of products

The production of forged products requires a lot of experience of artists-protégés, as well as high qualification of the master-manufacturers. Also, with the further operation of forged products on the street, the quality of painting plays an important role. Our experts carry out professional designing and manufacturing of art products from metal.


  • Goal;
  • Fences;
  • Handrails and stairs;
  • Balconies;
  • B-B-Q;
  • Chandeliers;
  • The bridges;
  • Benches;
  • Tables;
  • Lanterns;
  • Pergolas;
  • Visors;
  • Input groups.


Restoration and repair work

We also carry out the work on the restoration of forged products. We repair worn or lost parts, paint and varnish. We eliminate the consequences of poor quality mounting of forging and additional elements.