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Metal in the interior

Exclusive elements of interiors from metal: designing, manufacturing and integration of metal products in interiors


Types of metal decoration elements

Our company offers services in designing, manufacturing and integrating decorative metal products into interiors. Our masters are able to design and implement any kind of interior decoration with metal. All products can be manufactured according to sketches and drawings of our artists and designers, as well as with your active participation.

  • Wall panels made of copper and brass;
  • Perforated panels with illumination;
  • Ceiling panels;
  • Back walls of cabinets made of brass;
  • Copper pylons and pilasters;
  • Brass fireplace fireplaces;
  • Overhead beams;
  • Brass and copper friezes;
  • Decorative metal trim.


Copper and brass in the interior

Interior decoration with copper and brass requires high qualification of installers. Our specialists carry out professional installation of copper and brass elements, as well as perform accompanying engineering and finishing works.

  • Design of decorative elements from metal;
  • Device of substructure and preparation of the base;
  • Illumination device;
  • Manufacturing of decorative metal elements;
  • Milling and perforating, drawing;
  • Integration of metal elements in the interior.


Restoration and repair work

We also carry out the work on the restoration of copper and brass in the interior. Restore the geometry, elements of the composition. If necessary, we clean and oxidize the surface of copper and brass. Eliminate the consequences of improper cleaning and exposure to chemical cleaning agents. We are engaged in repair and partial replacement of metal elements.


Assortment of metals for interior decoration

In our assortment are presented almost all possible types of metals, as well as different colors and surface treatment options used for finishing interiors in private and commercial housing construction.

  • Copper – classic, oxidized, patinated;
  • Brass – classic and aged;
  • Bronze;
  • Rusty metal – korten;
  • Gold;
  • Tin;
  • Zinc;
  • Stainless steel.