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Facade works

Exclusive facades made of metal, stone, wood, clinker: finishing, repair and reconstruction of facades


Types of facades and accessories

Our masters are able to realize even the most complicated projects of facades. We not only perform turnkey facade works, but we also manufacture all possible types of facade coatings and accessories from sheet metal and stone. All products can be manufactured according to sketches and drawings of our artists and designers, as well as with your active participation.


  • Stone facades
  • Ceramic and clinker facades
  • Metal facades
  • Wooden facades
  • Glass facades
  • Plaster facades
  • Reed facades
  • Polymer facades
  • Gutter systems
  • Overhead facade beams
  • Cornice and facade friezes
  • Parapet and window sills
  • Decorative platbands


Facade work

Facade work requires a high qualification of installers. Further operation of the building does not forgive mistakes made in the installation of facades. Our specialists carry out professional installation of load-bearing structures, subsystems, insulation and facade coating.


  • Design of facade structures
  • Substrate preparation
  • Mounting of the carrier subsystem
  • Thermal and waterproofing device
  • Facade coating installation
  • Eaves filing device
  • Installation of drainage systems
  • Finishing the basement of the building
  • Integration of drainpipes into storm water drain
  • The device of waterproofing of terraces and balconies


Restoration and repair work

We also carry out the restoration of the facades. We restore layers of insulation, facade coating and water disposal systems. We eliminate the consequences of poor-quality installation of facade structures and accessories. We are engaged in repair and waterproofing of facades and terraces at any time of the year.


Assortment of materials for finishing facades

In our assortment there are practically all kinds of facade coatings used for private and commercial housing construction.

  • Metal facade panels made of copper, brass, titanium-zinc, aluminum and steel
  • Ceramic panels
  • Clinker tiles
  • Small-format metal tiles made of copper, brass, titanium-zinc, aluminum and steel
  • Stone for decoration of facade and plinth
  • Facades of reeds, cane
  • Planken from cedar and larch
  • Glass facade structures
  • Polymer facade materials