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Designing and installation of engineering networks

Engineering systems need to be given special attention, as they are an important part of any modern building, as are the basic building structures. Installation of engineering systems, as a rule, is performed in the process of construction or major repairs of the building.
The company “Radeka” renders the following services for installation of engineering networks:


  • Installation of internal engineering systems;
  • Laying of external communications for various purposes;
  • Installation of water supply systems;
  • Installation of automation, communication and security systems;
  • Laying of power supply lines;
  • Installation of sewer networks;
  • Installation of independent heating, air conditioning and ventilation systems.


Water supply and sewerage

  • System design
  • Preparatory work
  • Installation of water supply and drainage pipes
  • Piping assembly
  • Installation and piping of pumping and power equipment
  • Crimping, adjustment and commissioning of the system



  • System design
  • Drawing up an estimate
  • Selection of equipment and boiler room equipment
  • Boiler installation
  • Mounting of radiators and fittings
  • Commissioning works


Ventilation and air conditioning

  • System design
  • Selection of equipment and equipment
  • Preparatory work
  • Production of air ducts
  • Installation of main equipment
  • Ductworking
  • Installation of air distribution units
  • Commissioning works


Power supply, lighting

  • System design
  • Preparatory work
  • Markup
  • Mechanical work
  • Cabling, wiring
  • Installation of wiring equipment
  • Connection of cables and electric wires in a single network
  • Check of working capacity of electric network


We offer you to use the services of our company for the design and installation of engineering networks and communications at the construction sites of commercial and residential buildings.