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Turnkey houses construction

Turnkey houses: construction, finishing and reconstruction of houses


House types

Our masters are able to implement any even the most complex house designs. We not only build houses on a turn-key basis, but also we carry out various kinds of general construction and finishing works. All works can be done according to sketches and drawings of our or your artists and designers, as well as with your active participation.


Types of houses according to the materials used:

  • Block houses;
  • Wooden houses;
  • Brick houses;
  • Monolithic houses;
  • Frame houses.


Types of houses for the purpose:

  • Country house;
  • Cottage;
  • Vacation home;
  • The mansion;
  • Villa.


Types of houses by architectural style:

  • Post-Soviet style;
  • Classic style;
  • Modern;
  • Victorian style;
  • Castle style;
  • Wright’s style;
  • Country style:
    • wooden houses;
    • chalet;
    • Italian style;
    • English style;
    • Belgian style;
    • American-Canadian houses.
  • Modern style:
    • functionalism;
    • minimalism;
    • deconstructivism;
    • high tech;
    • eco-tech;
    • avant-garde.


The composition of work on the construction of the house

The construction of any house requires high qualification of designers, engineering staff of the organization and installers. Further operation of the building does not forgive mistakes made during its design and construction. Our specialists carry out professional design and construction of houses.

  • Project development;
  • Foundation:
    • excavation excavation;
    • foundation installation;
    • masonry walls and partitions of the basement;
    • backfilling of the sinuses of the pit;
    • the device of releases and inputs of communications;
    • waterproofing of the foundation;
    • installation of floors.
  • Erection of the above-ground part of the building:
    • masonry walls and partitions;
    • installation of floors and balconies;
    • the device of staircases and platforms;
    • roofing;
    • installation of windows and entrance doors;
    • facade work;
    • device porch.
  • Sanitary and electrical installation works:
    • installation of water supply and heating systems;
    • electric installation work.
  • Interior finishing;
  • Outbuildings and landscaping.


Restoration, reconstruction and repair of houses

We also carry out renovation and repair of houses. We carry out design works for refreshing the architectural appearance of the building, building work to strengthen the fudament, repair or replace the roof, restore the facades, decorating the interiors and exteriors. We try to build our work in a way that does not violate the order of life and calm of the owners of the house and neighbors.

Assortment of used materials

In our assortment are presented almost all types of building materials used for private and commercial housing construction. For our customers and partners, we offer prices with discounts from our suppliers.

  • Roof coverings:
    • seamed roof of copper, titanium-zinc, aluminum and steel;
    • ceramic and cement-sand tiles;
    • bituminous shingles;
    • small-format metal tiles;
    • Natural materials – slate, cane, cedar and larch.
  • Rolling and coating waterproofing;
  • Clinker tiles and bricks;
  • Natural stone – granite, marble, dolomite, onyx, agate, limestone, etc .;
  • Porcelain tiles;
  • Wooden windows;
  • Custom-made furniture;
  • Parquet board;
  • Wall panels made of copper and brass;
  • And much more.