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Larionov I. V.
The company “ALYUNOVA”, the official representative of the IMPOL plant in Russia, is pleased to note the effective cooperation with the “RTC” RTC as part of the implementation of joint projects. Working in close cooperation with the leading European manufacturer of roofing aluminum and having the necessary production potential, the company “TSC Radeka” provides the best engineering solutions and ensures high-quality work execution. Commercial Director of LLC “ALYUNOVA”, Larionov IV
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Slabkovsky V. I.
"Renova Lab"
Dear Denis Vladimirovich! “Renova Lab” company thanks the “TSC Radek” for the work done on facing the facades of the R & D Renova building on the territory of the Skolkovo innovation center (Moscow, Sikorsky Street 11). I would like to especially note the high professionalism and coherence of actions of all divisions of your company, as well as efficiency in solving work issues. I wish you and your company success and prosperity! General Director of Renova Lab, Slabkovsky VI
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Ovsyannikov I.V.
By this letter, RHEINZINK confirms that TSC Radek has been a constant and stable partner for many years, a RHEINZINK titanium-zinc re-processor. The RHEINZINK plant, part of the GRILLO concern, is one of the recognized leaders in Europe in the development of folding technology, as well as in the production of titanium-zinc and its products. Consultations, design and installation of the metal coating are carried out by the employees of TSK Radek in accordance with the RHEINZINK quality criteria. Employees of TSK Radek regularly improve their professional training and have Certificates for passing technical seminars at RAINZINK LLC, a subsidiary of RHEINZINK GmbH & Co. KG. KG. Sincerely, Ovsyannikov I.V.
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Mehriban Tunjaly
Kochtek Inshaat
Dear Denis Vladimirovich! The company Kochtek Inshaat, within the project “Center for Innovation and Development of Science of the Russian Academy of Sciences”, implemented in Moscow, ul. Sadovnicheskaya, 41, p. 2, thanks you and the company “TSK Radek” for the performance of roofing work. The work you performed gave a positive assessment of the Customer and the Project Author. We are pleased to note our cooperation and sincerely wish you prosperity and success in the implementation of new projects. Sincerely, Technical Director of Kochtek Inshaat JSC Mehriban Tunjaly
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