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Our products are something that over the years becomes the bearer of the spirit of the times, the traces of generations. We offer things, the pleasure of having them increases in proportion to their age or the time spent among these things.
Without the products that we offer, the ideal house is unthinkable. You have seen them many times in your daily life, but have you thought that you yourself can take part in creating this beauty? Each owner desires to see his hearth cozy and unique. And the most valuable feature of any home is the spirit of the times, traces of generations: a tree planted by his grandfather, his father’s desk, an old forged fence with a name stamp of masters who once produced this beauty according to the sketches of his father.
Every real master of the house and head of the family wants to leave their imprint in the family history. Together with us you can make this dream come true. Radek offers things that enjoy the enjoyment of which only increases over time, things that can set the beginning of the history of your ancestral nest. Your ambitions and ideas multiplied by the skill of our artists can bring amazing results.

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Radeka is a licensed construction company. The license of the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation is necessary for us to provide services in the field of restoration and restoration of cultural heritage sites (monuments of history, architecture and culture) of the peoples of the Russian Federation
The license of the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation

The license of the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation is an official document that gives the right to restorative activity throughout the territory of the Russian Federation. Our country is rich in its history and culture, about 200 thousand buildings throughout Russia have the status of "an object of cultural heritage of the peoples of the Russian Federation" of federal, regional and local significance.

License for construction

Accordingly, the licensing of construction activities in the SRO assumes sufficiently strict control over the issuance of permits and the conduct of installation and commissioning works. This state of affairs is connected with the fact that each member of such association is interested in that its partners in a self-regulatory organization implement programs with a proper level of responsibility and quality. Therefore, to date, the licensing of construction in the SRO is characterized by fairly high standards for monitoring the applicants of tolerances.

License for construction

The State Committee of the Russian Federation for Construction and Housing and Public Utilities (Gosstroy of Russia) is: a federal executive body that implements inter-sectoral coordination and functional regulation of activities in the field of construction, architecture, urban development, housing policy, housing and communal services and its reform in cooperation with bodies of executive power of the subjects of the Russian Federation.

License for construction

The Association of Russian Builders initiated the creation of a Coordination Council for the formation of a system of self-regulatory organizations of the construction complex, which unites all the all-Russian associations of construction organizations and takes an active part in its work. ACP conducts a consistent policy of providing consulting and methodological support for the formation of SROs. To this end, the representatives of the RSA participate in regional conferences and seminars, assist initiative groups to form SROs. In general, the association, like other all-Russian associations that are members of the Coordinating Council, believes that the adoption of changes to the Urban Development Code of the Russian Federation related to the creation of an SRO system in the construction sector is a correct and timely step in the development of market relations that ensures the competitiveness of organizations and enterprises of the construction complex. Proceeding from this, the activity of the RSA in promoting the formation of a system of self-regulating organizations is a priority.

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Roofer from piece materials
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Roofer from piece materials
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Roofer from piece materials
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